For me, closeness and interaction are very important in my contact with the world that extends just below the layer of skin that protects me. I am not fond of superficiality; I prefer deep and developed relationships. They are not easy, of course: they require time and energy. Closest to my inner soundworld are percussion instruments. I have been working on my relationship with them for many years. MONOPERCUSSION represents a summary of the current state of our intimacy.

The music for this disc was written by composers whom I specifically chose (in alphabetical order): Cezary Duchnowski, Felix Kubin, Paweł Mykietyn, Sławomir Wojciechowski and Rafał Zapała. This body of works is complemented by Javier Alvarez’s Temazcal – the composition that inspired me to take a deep, even microscopic, look and listen at percussive material. I enjoy close relations with the invited composers, so I am sure that they understand the idea of using a single percussion instrument in an almost total way. Our aesthetics display similar shades and tastes. Our interaction has given rise to works which are innovative and technically advanced, and which touch on interesting and rarely explored areas of expression. I believe that my many years’ research into a variety of percussion techniques and traditions has afforded me a new, non-verbal way of growing closer to the inner world.

The protagonists of these compositions are the Chinese cymbal (Sequenza I), the frame drum (Speedcore), the vibraphone (Sleepwalker), the triangle (Squares), the maracas (Temazcal) and the tabla (Raga 2). In each instance, they are accompanied by electronic devices, reflecting my inner interest in non-natural sounds. It is not about judging the natural world and the world created by means of modern technology, but about expanding the capacities of acoustic instruments, a kind of “over-sound” obtainable by means of electronics. I must add that my inseparable partner in concert presentations of MONOPERCUSSION is Wiktor Podgórski, responsible for the visual aspect.

I have come to feel instruments just beneath my fingertips or beneath the heads of my beaters. I hope to help you feel them just as intensely, in the name of the mutual enhancement of our sensitivity to meanings deeper than words – that we might be together more than just coming together.

I wish to thank: Madzia, Felix, Sławek, Rafał, Czarek, Paweł, Wiktor, Michał and my Dad.

Miłosz Pękala

Track list

  1. Cezary Duchnowski / Sequenza I/Etiuda na drugie uderzenie w talerz
  2. Sławomir Wojciechowski / Speedcore na bęben obręczowy, obiekty i elektronikę
  3. Felix Kubin / Lunatyk na wibrafon i elektronikę
  4. Rafał Zapała / Kwadraty na trójkąty i elektronikę live
  5. Paweł Mykietyn / Raga 2
  6. Javier Alvarez / Temazcal na marakasy i taśmę

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